Application for the Award Program
(Note that positive criticism will be given. All criticism is for you to improve your website. If help needed, I will be able to lend you a helping hand)

Before entering your site into this program, please read the following.

Sites entered for awards must all meet the following:

bullet Overall look and feeling.
Is your main page inviting me to see more?
bullet Clean HTML coding
HTML coding needs to be in perfect shape. No unused tags.
bullet Meta tags well used
Meta tags are the key to good search engine functionality. Entering the right tags, will help your site in every way. Search engines, author, language, titles, look here for more information
bullet No broken links
There is nothing so irritating as following a broken link. A regular check, will prevent this.
bullet No broken images
Don’t you just hate red crosses where images are supposed to be?
bullet Easy navigation
Make sure nobody gets lost on your website. Is what I’m looking for easy to find?
bullet Do you treat your visitors with respect? In other words: if visitors of your site have questions, will you answer them correctly and within a short time?

Secondary standards.

Sites entered for the content award must also meet the following:

bullet Downloads of high quality
bullet Unique downloads
bullet Enough content to choose from

Site entered for the interactivity award must also meet the following:

bullet Do your offer enough interactivity such as: Poll, Survey, Guestbook, Forum etc. In other words: do your members, visitors really have the opportunity to interact on your website? And besides offering, ARE your members active??
bullet Are the interactivity tools working?

Sites entered for the best layout must also meet the following:

bullet Don’t enter sites made with phpnuke, joomla, mambo etc.
bullet You as owner, MUST be the designer of your website
bullet Pictures on your site must have alt tags
bullet All content needed to make the website must be made by yourself. Think of: background, link images etc.
bullet Do you offer a way where visitors can contact you? And if you use a contact form, is there also an email available? Because forms often don’t work properly.
bullet On long pages, do you provide a link to jump to the top of the page?

If you feel your site meets the requirements for the award of your choice, fill out the form below.

Name website:
URL website:
Email adress:
Applying for: Best content award
Best interactivity award
Best layout award


If the form is not working, you can send an email with the content as asked in the form to:
thesimssociety at