Horse racing in the Sims

Horse Racing is a skill that was first introduced in The Sims 3: Pets (along with Riding and Jumping for horses). These three new skills are used to improve the performance of the horse and the rider. It’s also a great way for your Sim to make money for their Horseman self-employment career and to increase their happiness points. The first thing you need is a Sim and an Adult Horse or Unicorn. Unicorns have super speed and they leave a trail of sparkle whenever they run, because of this they come equipped with level 10 racing and jumping skills (without having completed any skill challenges) and they are also thought to be the ideal choice, when entering Jumping and Racing competitions at the Equestrian Center.

Horse’s Racing Skill

To increase your Horse’s racing skills, you can take Riding Classes at the Equestrian Center for $500. Even doing something as simple as walking around with the horse will increase the horse’s Racing and the Sim’s riding skills. The best way to increase your horse’s skills is with the help of advanced jumping obstacles as they help you gain skills for riding, racing, and jumping all at the same time. Higher skills will also help you sell your horse at a good price (horses tend to be more valuable when they are sold at max skills). The price of the horse goes up with each level and the Racing and jumping skills and challenges you complete will make the horse more valuable.

The Sim’s Riding Skill

Before we move on to Racing, it’s important to understand what the Riding skill is. The Riding skill shows how well the Sim can control the horse and how it interacts with it. The skills give the Sim new abilities as they level up. Without gaining Riding skills, you can’t enter certain competition types or perform certain activities with the horse. Increasing your Riding skills isn’t very hard. As mentioned before, even doing something as simple as walking around with a horse will increase your Sim’s riding skills. You can gain Riding skills by sitting on the horse for some time as well. To enter Racing competitions and to use training posts for Racing, your Sim’s Riding skill has to be level 2.

Training Posts

You can increase your Horse’s racing skill using the training posts that you unlock when your Sim’s riding skill reaches level 2. You can set up the training posts however you like. You can make a racing track using the posts and increase your horse’s racing skill by training it there. This training will not only benefit your horse, but it will boost your Sim’s riding skill as well. Increasing your Racing skill with training posts will also help you in racing competitions.

Racing Strategies and Competitions

There is a wide variety of racing strategies to choose from when entering competitions. You can choose to “Take Risks”, “Go for Broke” or “Steady Pace”. The three different levels of competitions that are available are Beginner, Advanced, and Internationals. Internationals are thought to be the hardest level of competitions, but you can make a lot of money if you place even third in international races. If you win a Beginner race, you will make about $600. Winning an Advanced race will get you $1400 and an International race will get you $2400. It’s better to train your horse and increase you riding skills as much as you can so you can enter the International races. Placing third in International races will help you make more money than you would make if you placed first in an advanced race.

Taking Care of the Horse

When training a horse for racing, the horse will become exhausted easily and will get thirsty which is why it is best that you keep a water trough nearby at all times whenever you are training your horse. You can change the pacing of the horse if you want to by adjusting it from the dropdown menu below the training option icon. Increasing your horse’s pace will increase your skills faster, but it will also make your horse lose its energy quicker and increase its thirst so you have to be careful of that.

Increasing your horse’s racing skill isn’t very hard. It’s increasing when you’re riding the horse, when you are just walking around with it, or when you participate in races. Your horse is gaining Racing skill even when you are training it for Jumping. You can easily get your horse up to level 10 in a couple of days if you work hard and interact with your horse on a regular basis.

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