Welcome to TSS Award system!

A few years ago, I was the owner of a website called: mariella’s web. On that website I ran an award program. The purpose of such a program is to make the internet a nice, safe and attractive environment. Mariellasweb
(now owned by somebody else and in no way connected with TSS) was well known in the award program business. I managed to judge hundreds of websites. Some won nothing, some platinum and others got my award of friendship. I was in close contact with: www.uwsag.com, www.websawards.com, www.onzcda.com and many more.

Because of the growing sims community with all kinds of sites, I thought it would be a great idea to set up an award program for sims sites! It will be a little different from what I used to do, cause back in the “old days” all coding was made with html. Now a days, it’s not that hard to make a website that looks “spiffy”. Think about phpnuke, mambo, joomla etc.

So, how will it work then you wonder?? Simple. Here’s a list of the kind of awards that can be won.

TSS Great Sims Content Award: This award will be given to websites with outstanding content. It may even be more specific like: best lots, best clothing, best stories etc.
TSS Best Sims Interactive Award: Websites that have great communities like: forums etc.
TSS Beauty Sims Award: Websites that make you catch your breath as soon as you open the link.
TSS Friendship Award: Nobody can apply for this one 😉 I will hand it out to my friends in the sims community!

The award images can be viewed here

Every sims website can apply for the first four of these awards. However, before applying, make sure you have read and understood the rules I use for awarding sites. Each section will have: Gold, Silver and Bronze.

I hope to see YOUR application soon!
Good luck, Mariella